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UPDATED – 9/18/2018: Silk Soy Milk is NOW Certified Sustainable on Palm Oil?!

UPDATED 9/18/2018: OK, I swore off Silk Soy milk years ago for a few reasons, the main being their flimsy palm oil policy. Last night while in the supermarket, I ran a carton of Silk Soy milk through my handy-dandy … Continue reading

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UPDATE: 7/12/2018 – Lenny & Larry’s: The Complete Cookie and Palm Oil

UPDATE:  7/12/2018:  I get occasional questions from readers wondering where Lenny and Larry’s is today on palm oil.  So I wrote them to ask. To their credit, they responded rather quickly: We have been using sustainable palm oil with our … Continue reading

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Infuriating: Orangutan v. Bulldozer on Borneo

Look deep at this photo for all it depicts — wildlife facing down human “progress.”  Who wins? Some backstory.  This picture was taken in 2013 but re-posted by my personal heroes International Animal Rescue on June 5 for World Environment … Continue reading

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UPDATE 06/25/2018 FINALLY! Palm Oil-Free Microwave Pop Corn!

  UPDATE:  6/25/2018:  Quinn CoFounder/CEO Responds. I wrote the following email to Quinn’s nice original response to me: Thanks XXX!   Sorry for any of my environmental whackjob crankiness!   Yes, I do know about Palm Done Right and, despite … Continue reading

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Trader Joe’s – Can’t (Won’t) Guarantee that All the Palm Oil It Uses is Deforestation-Free

I have a pretty long history of hassling Trader Joe’s for their palm oil policy. It hasn’t always been pretty. But in 2015, they promised their palm oil was from South America, which, while still suspicious if deforesting, say, the … Continue reading

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UPDATE: 1/10/2018: Costco’s Darrell Lea’s Australian Liquorice Bites — Yes, They Contain Palm Oil

UPDATE: 1/10/2018:  A reader commented below that he just saw that Darrell Lea liquorice STILL contains palm oil despite the company’s promise to move away from the palm oil greed that is as addictive as opioids.  So I just wrote … Continue reading

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Hippie At Heart – A Deadhead Profile

Tim Randall thoughtfully surveyed the hundreds of hours of plastic concert cassette tapes neatly stacked before him in old, slightly idealized wooden crates, the kind apparently used to ship citrus back in the day. To him the tapes were nearly … Continue reading

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