UPDATE 06/25/2018 FINALLY! Palm Oil-Free Microwave Pop Corn!



UPDATE:  6/25/2018:  Quinn CoFounder/CEO Responds.

I wrote the following email to Quinn’s nice original response to me:

Thanks XXX!


Sorry for any of my environmental whackjob crankiness!


Yes, I do know about Palm Done Right and, despite the fact you’re using palm oil — it’s done right, and mostly in Sierra Leone and Ecuador, which means NO orangutan habitat destruction, PLUS it’s not deforestation-produced AND it’s on already degraded land.
After being so angry that ALL major popcorn manufacturers NOW use palm oil, I was SO happy to find you guys because cooking on a stovetop like my mom did when I was young, is a hassle.?  AND compostable bags!
I’ll update my palm oil blog piece to reflect the Palm Done Right info.



And like the cool (busy) co-founder/CEO she is, she responded today:

Rant all you want! I don’t mind. I get it, hence why I am doing what I am doing.
It’s done right, as right as it can be.  And exactly, NO orangutan habitat destruction which was a big one for me, and no deforestation.
We are also angry at ALL The popcorn manufactures. Again, this is why we started QUINN, to show them their is a better path.
You can 100% do this on the stove top, instructions on the box, if you ever feel the need.  I am so glad it’s nostalgic for you. It is for me too!
Thanks so much for updating your blog info.
Thanks again for reaching out, and stay in touch!


I had Quinn popcorn guilt-free again this past weekend (while watching Aaron Sorkin’s nifty “Molly’s Game”, OK, it has a few issues).  It really is the BEST microwave popcorn out there — with our without palm oil!

Oh, and did I say the popcorn bag is compostable!?



UPDATE 06/21/2018:  PALM DONE RIGHT IS Used in Quinn Popcorn.

After I wrote the below piece, I discovered that Quinn Snacks does indeed have some products that DO use palm oil.

At first I was disappointed but I rushed to their website for solace, finding it here:


SO the palm oil they DO use is sourced sustainably (some environmentalists say that’s not enough) on already degraded land, and in Ecuador and Sierra Leone, meaning NOT EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE to those deforestation hotspots of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Palm Done Right info is here:


They also wrote me back today twice, one from the co-founder (partially redacted below) and from their customer service team:

We have 5 skus of microwave popcorn that do not contain any palm oil. We use high oleic sunflower oil from Colorado.
We have 3 skus of microwave popcorn, one of those skus does have PALM DONE RIGHT organic palm oil.
We also have pretzels, and those items contain organic palm oil as well from PALM DONE RIGHT.


Have you heard of PALM DONE RIGHT? A link to their website is here!

So while you can eat our popcorn guilt free, especially 7 out of 8 skus, the one sku that DOES have Palm oil in there would be our Extra Butter.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions, and really appreciate the patience with response time!

Take care,



Sorry about the delay in response. We are a very small team and respond to emails as quickly as we can!
Glad you enjoyed the popcorn and yes, we do still carry the Movie Night Extra Butter! You can purchase it on Amazon here.
We are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact and Palm Done Right was the best choice for us to do that.
Hope you have a great day!



AND their bags are compostable.  (Know they come with butter and sunflower oil bags that are NOT recyclable, though.)

So buy Quinn for guilt-free microwave popcorn


6/13/2018 – ORIGINAL POST

I have been despondent for many months now, bemoaning the fate of the Trumpian world in general, and the current state of microwavable popcorn in particular.  Every once in awhile a guy gets a craving for popcorn while binging BBC crime dramas on Netflix (that they pass off as their own, natch), you know?  But on a recent visit to the supermarket lately, I noticed that EVERY SINGLE GODDAMNED microwave popcorn product contains palm oil.  Every.  Single. One.  (Or so I thought.)  I even lamented the plight about a year ago here:


So I went old school, shaking a pan filled with canola oil and seeds on the stove top, like a 1950s-era housewife (or house husband; let’s not get gender specific, though that was probably historically-accurate for the era).

UNTIL NOW!  Look what I found tucked away at the very top of a palm oil-laden shelf in the supermarket this past weekend:

Quinn Pop Corn! (Named after the founders’ son, which, admittedly, is a bit precious, but I digress)!  Not only does it care about the environment in its packaging but they use NO PALM OIL!

IMG_2955 (1)

I was so elated I fired off a quick email to them.


Just a quick email to say thank you so much for not using rainforest-destroying, orangutan-killing, people-displacing/enslaving, global-warming exacerbating PALM OIL in your products!   I am an anti-palm oil activist and have gone back to making popcorn the old-fashioned way (in a stove top pan) to avoid using palm oil, which I discovered is in virtually ALL microwave popcorn upon my last supermarket check a few weeks ago.

To my great excitement, I found your popcorn nearly hidden in my local store. Not only is it the BEST microwave popcorn I have ever had, but I am elated that it doesn’t destroy the environment, and actually takes it into account in its packaging and ingredients.

I will post your brand on my anti-palm oil ranting blog. Thanks so much for giving us an environmentally-sane product in an insane world!

If they respond, I’ll post it here.  But for now — BUY QUINN!

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4 Responses to UPDATE 06/25/2018 FINALLY! Palm Oil-Free Microwave Pop Corn!

  1. Gary J. Dura says:

    I will be looking for it.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Glad to be of help. And it’s about the best microwave popcorn out there, to boot!

  3. Gary Dura says:

    Just wanted to let you know I have found another Palm Oil Free Microwave popcorn. Engine 2 Plant Strong Organic Popcorn. No Palm Oil, Salt, or Butter. Ingredients: Organic Popcorn. We can touch it up ourselves. Having some plain right now, good stuff.

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