Palm Oil Company KORINDO Breaks Its Own No Deforestation Pledge

captureToday started bad and went worse from there.  I was awoken at 5:30 by my dog’s desperate desire to get outside (in the rain) to relieve itself, but it had already blessed our bedroom carpet.

Then the weak-ass U.S. Senate votes 52 – 46 to confirm the WORST possible political hack to head the EPA.  This goes back to the old Vietnam-era strategy:  if these new conservatives really want to save the EPA, they’re going to destroy it first.  They’re firebombing environmental laws from within.

Now this:  News reports that the palm oil company PT KORINDO has gone back on its no deforestation pledge.

Here’s the link to the 7 minute video piece (WordPress doesn’t support my framing it here, apparently).

Korindo has a Facebook page if you wish to grace it with the same protesting animal excrement that my dog left on my bedroom floor this morning.

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