THIS Is Why The RSPO Doesn’t Mean Shit!

I got into a disagreement with Seventh Generation recently.  They were hiding behind their RSPO sustainability certification, which I informed them didn’t mean shit.

Well, here’s this graphic story (sorry).

Apologies the English is not so good, so I will try to edit (thus the brackets []):

An orangutan [has been] shot to die between block F11- 1F12 and then [] slaugthered in the Camp Tapak, PT Susantri Permai in Kapuas, Central Kalimantan. This company is subsidiary of the Genting Plantation Berhad, a member of RSPO. This is a serious crime in Indonesia. This is [] [also] a serious violation of principles and criteria of RSPO. This is [] evidence that this company location is overlapping with orangutan habitat. RSPO has enough reasons to KICK Genting Plantation OUT  from RSPO.

And this horrible photo.  Apparently, the workers killed and ate the orangutan for bushmeat after it wandered into the company’s plantation.



Now a case could be made that this palm oil company treats their workers so atrociously that they have to go out and kill for their own sustenance – but I’m sure as hell NOT going to make it for them.)

Nevertheless, this is WHY palm oil is so bad for everybody — the forests, the orangutans, rhinos, elephants and other critically endangered species who live there, the people displaced from their ancestral lands, and the workers, who are treated like slaves many times. Only good for the greedy palm oil companies.

How do you like them NON-SUSTAINABLE apples, Seventh Generation!?

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