The Republicans Are Bad For All Living Things



Painfully ironic that the majestic, soulful, sentient elephant — an endangered species that has seen hundreds of thousands of its numbers killed, all in the name of greed and poaching — is the symbol of the Republican Party, isn’t it?

One week after the election — you know, the one in which Clinton won the popular vote tally by nearly 2 million votes (for the second time since 2000, and to which it really happens to mostly Democrats, except for JFK beating Nixon in 1960) — and I’m still emotionally raw and mentally roiling.  Not just because I can’t stomach their greedy selfishness, but also because of their head-in-the-sand environmental record.  (OK, I’ll cut Nixon a break since he did so much for the environment, and Teddy Roosevelt too.)

Basically:  we’re fucked.  The Republicans, soon to have control of all three branches of the US Government, are now the worst thing for the planet.  Literally, their greed and opposition to government solutions to environmental concerns, means they are now bad for all living things:  the environment, the planet’s flora and fauna — and us humans, even the dipshit Trumpkins (Trump + country bumpkin = Trumpkin.  You’re welcome) who voted for him.

Noam Chomsky put it best:

“The U.S. Republican Party is now ‘the most dangerous organization in world history.'”

He points to Trump’s plans to scrap the Paris Agreement for the US (and, thus, the world), and his naming of global warming Denier Myron Ebell (not a scientist) to possibly head the EPA.

More from Chomsky:

“The last phrase may seem outlandish, even outrageous. But is it? The facts suggest otherwise. The party is dedicated to racing as rapidly as possible to destruction of organised human life. There is no historical precedent for such a stand,” Professor Chomsky said.

Read the story here:


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