Quest Bars – MORE Palm Oil




Bad environmental news is everywhere.  Global warming, floods, famines, deforestation.  And palm oil.  News comes out this week that there is a strong indication that orangutans will go extinct in 10 years if we continue our use of palm oil, etc., at the current rate!  Ten freaking years!  (I’ve been on this palm oil campaign for about 4 years already.)


So imagine my continued horror when I find yet another snack item with palm oil in my employer’s kitchen.  (It seems like virtually everything in this kitchen is marred with palm oil.)  Well, this time it was Quest bars.

So I wrote my usual death, deforestation and destruction palm oil email.  Here’s the response:

Thank you for your email.  My name is XXXX, from Customer Support and I am here to assist you.  Unfortunately, we cannot disclose the name of the supplier but guaranteed, our palm oil is RSPO certified, responsibly and sustainably sourced to protect our environment. Palm oil helps keep the bars softer longer and enhances their taste. We chose palm oil for use in Quest Bars because palm oil has one of the most stable lipid profiles of any fat source available. Fat stability is something we value because of its profound effect on your metabolism. We have gone through very in-depth processes to verify that the palm oils we use are of high quality and are not oxidized or damaged.  Thank you for your inquiry. I appreciate you taking the time to contact us. Feel free to contact us any time.  I wish you well, no matter what your Quest may be!All the best,
Quest Customer Support
+1 888-212-0601
Follow us on Instagram @QuestNutritionSupport!

So I had to get a jab in and wrote back:

Yes, more corporations hiding behind the RSPO, which is nothing but a “greenwashing” organization run by the palm oil companies (and the bought-off WWF).

That does NOT make me happy.


I will post a suitable blog piece on my anti-palm oil blog. 
Man, for the days before palm oil.  The Earth would be a lot healthier, not to mention, orangutans, elephants, rhinos, indigenous peoples, enslaved workers, and the climate.

The very nice customer service rep responded again:

I hear you and I will gladly pass your message into our higher management for review.

We, here at Quest are very open to suggestions and feedback since that is how we can improve our products and our system. That is why, hearing feedback directly from people, like you, is very valuable for us.

Please let me know if there is any way I can further assist you.

Have a good day!

All the best,
Quest Customer Support

So that happened.

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2 Responses to Quest Bars – MORE Palm Oil

  1. KL Eckhardt says:

    I appreciate your complete report including what your wrote to Quest and their replies. Amazon was having a fantastic sale on Quest bars and I had two different kinds in my cart when I read they contain Palm Kernel Oil and Palm Oil. In trying to find out their source of the palm oil, I came across your site. I took the Quest bars out of my cart and will BOYCOTT QUEST from now on. Thanks for your diligence and perseverance! You’re not alone. (KL Eckhardt, Winchester, VA, USA)

    • Nice to know I’m not alone. Frankly, with palm oil’s march of destruction continuing virtually unabated around the world I”m not sure how much it’s helping. But at least I’m not part of the madness so long as I can help it.

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