Boycott Paldo Foods: Silence is Telling

(Sorry for any formatting problems. The WordPress UI sucks; I tried to reformat it twenty-two (22?) times with only minimal results.)

In my never-ending quest to speak palm oil truth-to-power, my email campaign continues.  My employer’s kitchen is CHOCK-FULL of palm oil-laden products, much to my chagrin (hey, I can’t even get people to stop putting glass and plastic products in the trash!).

One such hugely-processed, quick-lunch meal available to our overworked Silicon Valley techno-geeks is Bowl Noodles, scraped together from palm oil and the dust, bugs and debris left on the factory floor, no doubt.  (Justin’s Peanut Butter, I’m coming for you next!).

Well, I wrote them my usual death and destruction palm oil email:

Your label indicates your company uses palm oil in its noodle soups. Please tell me from where your company sources its palm oil. Is it from certified sustainable sources as many other large companies are shifting toward using? Or is it contributing to the environmental damage occurring in South East Asia, South America, and Central Africa?
The unchecked demand for palm oil is destroying the world’s “lungs,” the last rainforests on earth. Indeed the demand for unsustainable palm oil leads to:
1). The destruction of rainforests;
2). The death (and torture) of critically endangered species who inhabit it, like the orangutan, Sumatran tiger, pygmy elephant, etc.;
3). Displaces indigenous human inhabitats who depend on the rainforest for sustenance;
4). Enslaves of the poor in atrocious, oil plantation working conditions; 5). Exacerbates global warming greatly.
Does Paldo feel it is doing right for the world it is handing over to future generations?!



Nothing from them. So I wrote them again. And Again. Again.

Four (4!) Times I wrote them. No response. Their silence is telling.

So, BOYCOTT Paldo Products — and tell them why.

OK, thanks for listening to my rant.

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2 Responses to Boycott Paldo Foods: Silence is Telling

  1. I shall send them email!!!!!

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