UPDATED 6/8/2016: What Do You Think About Arctic Sea Ice Now, Denier Coleman?!

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Updated June 8, 2016:

Deniers like this ridiculous weatherman John Coleman (he’s no climate scientist) maintain that the Arctic sea ice is not decreasing (at least back in 2013).  But look at this latest story now:

Daily extents in May were also two to four weeks ahead of levels seen in 2012, which had the lowest September extent in the satellite record. The monthly average extent for May 2016 is more than one million square kilometers (386,000 square miles) below that observed in May 2012.

In other words, for Arctic sea ice, May 2016 was more like June 2012 — the record-breaking year. Going into the truly warm months of the year, then, the ice is in a uniquely weak state.

“We’ve never seen anything like this before,” said Mark Serreze, who directs the center. “It’s way below the previous record, very far below it, and we’re something like almost a month ahead of where we were in 2012.”


The vivid, obvious signs of unsustainable global warming is EVERYWHERE.  Just the way scientists said it would happen — but faster than even they expected.  How do the Deniers do it?  How do they gamble with the future of coming generation, including their own grandchildren’s!?


Original Post:  September 2013

I never watch local news anymore — and haven’t for decades, even when I lived  (up until 2009) with Los Angeles TV channels, which, many would think, would have better journalistic instincts since it is officially USA’s Second City (to New York) these days.

But I had to watch San Diego local news last night, for the first time in forever.  The station I turned to among my flurry of channel-surfing, KUSI, is, first-off, a bit of a local joke, but I was looking for up-to-date reporting because I had just witnessed the aftermath of a car accident near my house — medevac helicopter rescue and all — and had to try all the local channels, even lowly KUSI.

Not only was the newscast just hilariously bad from a quality level, but the weatherman is legendary global warming Denier John Coleman (he, formerly of The Weather Channel).  He used the weather report last night to further his Denier arguments via his absurdly flawed “quiz,” which involved 2013’s Arctic sea ice melt.

Naturally, Coleman’s correct “answer” misled the viewers by implying that global warming isn’t happening.  His quiz revealed only one technically correct fact (that 2013’s ice melt is less than 2012) — and not the bigger picture: that the Arctic ice melt was the worst on record for the past-some 30 years — and was the WORST EVER in September 2012.

I was so pissed I couldn’t hold it in and fired off an email to KUSI. (Apologies in advance for the formatting problems below.)

John Coleman KUSI

John Coleman KUSI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After witnessing the aftermath of a car accident last night, I do what I never do — I quickly turned the TV to local news, hoping to see some reporting on this crash.

After flipping through the local channels, I made the mistake of landing on KUSI — which, first, has to be the most low-grade, bad-production-values news show in all of Southern California.

But what I found more disturbing was the Weather Report “quiz,” administered by well-known global warming Denier John Coleman.

He asked the following question (paraphrased):  Is the Arctic Ice Melt increasing or decreasing this year?

The answers were (paraphrased):  a)  Increasing; b) Decreasing; c) About the same; and d) Has more ice than last year (but “than” was spelled “then” further illustrating KUSI’s bargain-basement quality).

In Coleman’s mind, the “answer” was d), which, while technically correct — 2013’s Arctic ice melt is apparently less than 2012’s which was a record low — was seriously flawed (since it came from Coleman’s skewed Denier perspective).

Here’s the actual data:

“Sea ice continued its late-season summer decline through August at a near-average pace. Ice extent is still well above last year’s level, but below the 1981 to 2010 average year’s level.

Sea ice extent for August 2013 averaged 6.09 million square kilometers (2.35 million square miles). This was 1.13 million square kilometers (398,000 square miles) below the 1981 to 2010 average for August, but well above the level recorded last year, which was the lowest September extent in the satellite record. Ice extent this August was similar to the years 2008 to 2010. These contrasts in ice extent from one year to the next highlight the year-to-year variability attending the overall, long-term decline in sea ice extent.”

Available at:  http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/  (NASA/NOAA-sponsored.)

So all this “quiz” did is mislead and obfuscate — what Deniers do — by implying that 2013’s Arctic ice melt is proof that global warming doesn’t exist at all — when the ice melt for the last 30-some years has been the lowest ever on record (especially September 2012), and that there is going to be obvious variability from year-to-year.  KUSI should be ashamed (but isn’t, I’m sure) and probably is politically supportive of denying the facts of global warming since all the KUSI reporters parroted Coleman’s ridiculous notions.  One KUSI on-air anchor-tool even answered, “Well, it depends on what political paper you read,” as if global warming is a political issue (or that anybody under 45 actually reads newspapers anymore).

Suffice it to say I’ll never stop on KUSI again while flipping channels.  Twenty years ago when I was a visiting grad student in San Diego, we used to laugh at KUSI and its ridiculous 1970s-feel (talk about Ron Burgundy).  Now, having moved back to San Diego for the last few years for my career, I know why I don’t watch the local news anymore.  It’s absolutely ridiculous.

UPDATED:  9/20/2013.  Here’s a Yahoo news story that just came out today on the Arctic ice melt, which further casts doubt on Coleman’s ridiculous weather report quiz:

Center director Mark Serreze says cooler air triggered a “considerable recovery,” from last year, while the ocean temperatures were still warmer than normal. But he adds climate change deniers who point to the bounce back from last year — which skewed the trend — would be wrong.

“If you threw out last year, this year would be very much in line of what we’ve seen in recent years,” Serreze says. “We are     not seeing a long term recovery here. No way.”

 Overall, since 1979 Arctic sea ice has been shrinking at a “pretty darn big” rate of about 12 percent a year and “this is not going to reverse your trend, not in the least,” Serreze says.

Available at:  http://news.yahoo.com/arctic-sea-ice-6th-lowest-rebounds-2012-173529345.html

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  1. What the eff does John Coleman care about global warming, by the looks of him, he’s got one foot in the grave!

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