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UPDATE: 06/13/2018 – Justin’s Does Better!

UPDATE:  06/13/2018:  While researching Quinn Popcorn, I stumbled on the fact that they support Justin’s snacks, which I wrote to a couple of years ago (see below).  Well, they’ve changed a bit.  Here’s news from them: Sustainably Sourced Palm Fruit … Continue reading

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Boycott Paldo Foods: Silence is Telling

(Sorry for any formatting problems. The WordPress UI sucks; I tried to reformat it twenty-two (22?) times with only minimal results.) In my never-ending quest to speak palm oil truth-to-power, my email campaign continues.  My employer’s kitchen is CHOCK-FULL of palm oil-laden … Continue reading

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UPDATED 6/20/2016: Nutella (Ferrero) One of the Good Guys?!

UPDATED 6/20/2016: Just bumped into an extremely smart co-worker in the hallway who told me she was bummed that Nutella is full of palm oil.  I told her that, actually, Nutella, despite not using palm oil until about 2006 or … Continue reading

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UPDATED 6/8/2016: What Do You Think About Arctic Sea Ice Now, Denier Coleman?!

Updated June 8, 2016: Deniers like this ridiculous weatherman John Coleman (he’s no climate scientist) maintain that the Arctic sea ice is not decreasing (at least back in 2013).  But look at this latest story now: Daily extents in May … Continue reading

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The Dead, Ornette Coleman, and Harmolodics

Another completely off-topic item for this environmental blog.  (Hey, we could all use the break).  Among other things, I’m a huge fan of jambands like the Grateful Dead, Phish, Widespread Panic, Stringcheese Incident, moe., etc., and their shared improvisatory idiom … Continue reading

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RSPO: Completely Worthless Or Just Mostly Worthless?

  The Title says it all.  The RSPO is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  The fox watching the hen-house, the…oh, nevermind.  You get the metaphors. (Reprinted from Huffington Post.  All rights reserved to HuffPo and/or the author) THE BLOG RSPO: … Continue reading

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