Deportation Looms For Leo’s Palm Oil Criticism in Indonesia!



Man, I would Iove to see that headline splashed across the world’s mainstream media.  But so far it’s only hit local Indonesian outlets and EcoWatch, which is sort of akin to preaching to the already eco-converted choir.

This development is so hilariously absurd if it weren’t so infuriating.  Like that old Dan Aykroyd character on SNL who used to rationalize away the lack of child-safety in his children’s toys, the palm oil mafia engages in some absolutely ridiculous chicanery here.

To wit:

According to Tempo, Asmar Arsyad, an Aceh-based palm oil businessman, has responded to DiCaprio’s messages.

“He should be campaigning for environmental conservation in the Amazon jungle that is being depleted by soy oil plantations,” Asmar said.

Firman Subagyo, House of Representatives’ (DPR) Energy Commission, also reportedly accused DiCaprio of scrutinizing the industry.

“His goal is clear. He will definitely take a shot at oil palm plantations, and wrap it with environmental issues,” he said, adding that DiCaprio’s visit was facilitated by environmental NGOs.

“I’m urging the BIN [State Intelligence Agency] chief and the Police chief to take firm action against those groups. I’m also asking the Immigration to deport Leonardo if he is proven to be black-campaigning out oil palm industry,” he added.

Available here:

So maddening.

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