How’s This For P.R.?! Leo in Leuser!

You see that right:  Leonardo diCaprio with some of our heroes, Ian Singleton, Shayne McGrath, Jess McKelson, and other members of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program, and Center for Orangutan Protection, and HAkA (Hutan, Alam dan Lingkungan Aceh (Forest, Nature and Environment of Aceh) in Aceh Province’s Leuser EcoSystem, which is at risk from illegal development.  Accompanied by fellow Oscar winner Adrien Brody and actor/director/former Michelle Pfeiffer flame Fisher Stevens (I know, right?), imagine the PR this can do for the cause?

In a hush-hush-move worthy of a presidential visit to a war zone, Leo and his buddies flew in last weekend while doing press in Hong Kong, apparently.  While Leo’s already gotten some good press for donating from his foundation to preserve rainforests in Indonesia, this shows a definite escalation of his consciousness on palm oil, and the plight of orangutans, elephants and rhinos, not to mention the rainforest.

DiCaprio posted a photo from his journey on Instagram, writing that the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is “supporting local partners to establish a mega-fauna sanctuary” in the Leuser ecosystem, a landscape endangered by palm oil plantations, mining, logging and other development threats…

…DiCaprio’s foundation, established in 1998, will partner with Acehnese conservationist Rudi Putra to build a wildlife sanctuary in the ecosystem, constructing barriers, training wildlife patrols and rangers and reporting habitat destruction.

His Instagram link:

Here’s a link to the petition he’s touting too:

What an eco-stud!


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2 Responses to How’s This For P.R.?! Leo in Leuser!

  1. Hey Soapbox!

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for this blog brotha. I am on my last quarter before graduating college, and have surrounded my capstone and portfolio(major in Media arts) around this issue, and I’m often left wondering what steps need to be made to get us to the point where we can demand change and not be laughed at. Reading your posts about your constant emails inquiring companies about information and the news you post has helped me become that much more informed. It’s a difficult issue, especially when it involves lack of law enforcement and compliance from the government, but seeing posts like this, where we have two large fists that are helping to combat this, gives small guys like us that reminder that we can make a difference.

    Continue the good work brotha!!!!!

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