This Photo Got to Me Today — From Leuser

Paul Hilton Photograpy

Photo credit Paul Hilton Photography/Facebook.  All rights reserved by artist.

This photo of the depleting rainforest of the wondrous Leuser Ecosystem in northern Sumatra, just ruined my morning.  You go on Facebook and this is what you see?  Well, it jarred me back to reality.  That and the other post I saw that claims CO2 levels haven’t been this high since dinosaurs roamed the planet (no, Young Earthers, not 6000 years ago).

Yay human race.

Please read the article linked below, it’s aptly and sadly entitled, “This is What We’ve Done to the Orangutan Capital of the World.”  IT says we’ve reduced the rainforest canopy of Borneo and Sumatra BY 80% IN JUST THE LAST TWO DECADES!!

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