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Deportation Looms For Leo’s Palm Oil Criticism in Indonesia!

  Man, I would Iove to see that headline splashed across the world’s mainstream media.  But so far it’s only hit local Indonesian outlets and EcoWatch, which is sort of akin to preaching to the already eco-converted choir. This development is … Continue reading

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How’s This For P.R.?! Leo in Leuser!

You see that right:  Leonardo diCaprio with some of our heroes, Ian Singleton, Shayne McGrath, Jess McKelson, and other members of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program, and Center for Orangutan Protection, and HAkA (Hutan, Alam dan Lingkungan Aceh (Forest, Nature and … Continue reading

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This Photo Got to Me Today — From Leuser

Photo credit Paul Hilton Photography/Facebook.  All rights reserved by artist. This photo of the depleting rainforest of the wondrous Leuser Ecosystem in northern Sumatra, just ruined my morning.  You go on Facebook and this is what you see?  Well, it … Continue reading

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