Jersey Mike’s — Gets Its Palm Oil…from Arkansas?! That’s a New One!


On the same trip last week to Jersey Mike’s that reminded me to write to Tastykake again (see below post), I noticed Jersey Mike’s own branded chocolate chip brownie.  The second or third ingredient is, of course, palm oil.

Angry, I fired off an email at the same time I wrote to Tastykake.  It took another prod at them to get a response but I finally received one:

Good morning.  Thank you for contacting Jersey Mike’s.  Mr. Heisler, I have received a response to your question from our representative at David’s Cookies.  Please read below:

Our Palm Oil is used in our Smart Balance like margarine, which permits for us to maintain a trans-fat free product.

We source the product domestically from  Arkansas.

If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems, Inc.

Palm oil from Arkansas?!  Now that is indeed good news: no primary rainforests there.  But does that make sense?  That is the first time I have EVER seen palm oil sourced domestically.

I’m a cynic.  So I wrote back asking for clarification.

Or is the Smart Balance sourced domestically from Arkansas?
Their response is ambiguous.

I have written to David’s Cookies for their own palm oil souring but since you label these brownies as Jersey Mike’s you’re in the stream of commerce and have the burden of such questions too

I haven’t received a response yet.  But I’ll post when I do.

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1 Response to Jersey Mike’s — Gets Its Palm Oil…from Arkansas?! That’s a New One!

  1. Palm oil can only be grown some ten degrees north or south of the equator. I think they just worded their response really poorly, which is disappointing 😦 If palm oil could be grown domestically, things would be very different indeed!

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