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Execute Poachers! – 26 More Elephants Found Poisoned in Zimbabwe! Jesus!

(copyright Muhammad Mahdi Karim.  License at: I just saw this story and I’m fucking goddamned speechless.  I don’t have the wherewithal to write anything but profane curse words right now, so I’ll just embed a link to the Yahoo story. … Continue reading

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Jersey Mike’s — Gets Its Palm Oil…from Arkansas?! That’s a New One!

On the same trip last week to Jersey Mike’s that reminded me to write to Tastykake again (see below post), I noticed Jersey Mike’s own branded chocolate chip brownie.  The second or third ingredient is, of course, palm oil. Angry, … Continue reading

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TastyKake Finally Gets Back To Me On Palm Oil — As Indonesian and Malaysian Fires Rage On

I have another long history with Tastykake.  A couple of years ago (circa 2013, I think), I was in a Jersey Mike’s, an exploding east coast based sandwich chain (see ya, Subway!) that proudly showcases its east coast bona fides.  … Continue reading

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