Annual Indonesian Conflagration Continues in Banana (Palm Oil) Republic

It’s happening again. The annual slash and burn fire-rape of Sumatra and Kalimantan (Borneo) to make way for palm oil plantations, timber, etc., continues unabated. Not sure how many years this can continue — at this rate they’ll be nothing left of their majestic rainforest.

Look at this graphic.


This is just an infuriating annual environmental cluster-f*ck ritual.

There is no shame in Indonesia. None. Zero. Nada.

It is outed every year for this annual conflagration and rape of land, resources and people, all in the name of money — and still this Third World banana (palm oil) republic refuses to lift a greedy finger to halt it. (They are shocked! Shocked!, they feign.).

Thank God (if She’s out there) that Indonesia sucked up their misplaced pride and excepted Singapore’s help in fighting the fires.  Maybe Sumatra should just invade Indonesia.  Would that help?


Once again, Indonesia in its race to the bottom in environment and global warming issues, should be ashamed and embarrassed. It’s all talk when it comes to enforcement and deterrence.

We’ve seen the end: it’s human greed.


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