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Indonesia Burns AGAIN — Annual Conflagration is Probably the Worst Ever = And Government Lets it Happen

(ABDUL QODIR/AFP/Getty Images) I have refrained from writing much about this fire/haze cataclysm in Indonesia, mainly because it happens every goddamned year and STILL the Indonesian government does NOTHING to stop it before it gets out of control.  And … Continue reading

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Annual Indonesian Conflagration Continues in Banana (Palm Oil) Republic

It’s happening again. The annual slash and burn fire-rape of Sumatra and Kalimantan (Borneo) to make way for palm oil plantations, timber, etc., continues unabated. Not sure how many years this can continue — at this rate they’ll be nothing … Continue reading

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Rubicon Bakery: Doing Good and Actively Trying to Get to Sustainable Palm Oil

My girlfriend purchased a Rubicon bar the other day.  She noticed there was palm oil in it after buying it and I told her I would fire off one of my “No Conflict Palm Oil” emails to them. Here’s their … Continue reading

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