The Two Sides of the Same Palm Oil Coin

Sometimes simple photos (or modern day infographics) can say a thousand words and are two sides of the same palm oil coin.

First there’s this side:

Pop Tarts

Then, there’s the flip side:


I’ve given Nutella a hell of a time over the years since something like half of their product is NOW palm oil (but never used to be a part of their recipe until 2006 according to my original non-scientific research).   That history can be found  below or here:

So let’s give credit where it’s due:

Ferrero Group reaches the goal of 100% certified segregated RSPO sustainable palm fruit oil and goes beyond

As of 1st January 2015 Ferrero products are produced with only palm fruit oil that is 100% certified as sustainable and segregated according to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) supply chain, one year ahead of its original target.

Yet, Ferrero’s responsibility does not stop at certification: its commitment continues through its Palm Oil Charter, launched in 2013, to address the leading causes of deforestation and create a balance between the conservation of the environment, community needs and economic benefit and viability.

But as Palm Oil investigations says, the fight’s not over, but it’s a promising change of course for this slow, lumbering battleship of a problem.

Palm oil is not going to go away. It is still the highest yielding of all of the vegetable oils, to replace it completely would require more land and therefore more deforestation.  Also with over 50% of all of the palm oil grown going to India and China where they do not necessarily have the option for a more expensive oil the demand will not stop.  That is why we need to pressure companies to place stringent sourcing criteria on their suppliers.  Ferrero have set a standard that is higher than any other brand, if even 50% of the brands on our shelves followed their lead we would start to see change.  (Emphasis mine).

And Kellogg’s Pop Tarts:  shame on you.  I’ll be sending them one of my angry emails.  Will post the response as soon as I get it.