These People Drive Among Us

I drive an EV with zero emission carpool lane stickers (and a 2006 Prius with the old yellow stickers), so I pay attention when I see such lookalike stickers on other cars.  Sometimes you see drivers using black market decals (because they only have one instead, of, say, the four that are issued).  Other times you just have to laugh at how ridiculously some affix their stickers: sideways, near a window, etc.  The state of CA sends instructions on how to place them around the car, for godsake!

Well, I was driving today when I saw a full-on gas-guzzling pick-up truck whiz by me with an apparent yellow car pool access sticker on it.  My curiosity piqued, and more than a little miffed that anybody has the temerity to claim any pick-up is a clean air vehicle, I sped up to read it.

Here’s what it said:

“No Access:  Gas Guzzler”!

And this dinosaur was proud of it and obviously gets off being absurdly stupid.  He also clearly gets a big tug at his balls with his “Old Fart Racing Team” sticker too.

Really funny.  And keep it classy old school, redneck, fossil fuel-addicted America.

I mean seriously?

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