UPDATED: 5/22/2015: Forever Flawless – Instant Face Lift — Conflict Palm Oil AND Conflict Diamonds?!

Forever Flawless


I ran across a kiosk for this product in my local mall for Forever Flawless.  According to its pitch, it’s a “diamond infused, anti-aging, beauty kit.”    It’s extremely expensive, so unless people think nothing of forking over $1000 for this product (or throwing it on a credit card and paying in installments) maybe you haven’t heard of it.  (Actually, I was talked into giving it a free try — and I DID see immediate results…that went  away after my frozen face (is this what botox is like?) started moving again,  smiling, laughing, frowning — emoting — like a real human does.)

So where to start here?  With the diamonds?  With the palm oil?  Do they use conflict palm oil AND conflict diamonds?  So I wrote them my usual deforestation, death and destruction email.

Here’s their first response — after I had to prod them into action, of course, having waited a week already:

Greetings XXX,

We do understand your concerns and we are committed to sourcing our product ingredients in  a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Forever Flawless is a relatively minor user of palm oil. Nevertheless, we recognize that responsible users of even small amounts of ingredients can impact issues via principled purchasing practices.

I have sent an inquiry to the lab & our manufacturing manager so that I can provide you the answers to your questions that you have requested. Please allow a little time while this information is gathered.

As soon as a reply is received I will forward the information to you. 

Thank you in advance for your patience and your committed responsibility to our environment.

All the best,


Customer Care Manager

I had forgotten to point out the diamond issue, so I responded with this [Sorry for the formatting problems, WordPress sucks]:

By the way, if your product (I was wrong to buy it before checking on ingredient-sourcing) is “diamond infused” then is your company using BLOOD Diamonds?!  Conflict diamonds?
To say you guys only use a “relatively minor” amount of palm oil is a real shirking of responsibility.  I realize you acknowledged the ridiculousness of that comment (hey, my car only belches a little smog into the sky so…!), but the aggregate of all use (like individual car exhaust on collective smog) is deforesting the last remaining rainforests — the lungs of the planet!   And this rainforest loss is causing the extinction of the orangutan, Sumatran tiger, Sumatran elephant (in Southeast Asia), and the chimpanzee and gorilla (in Central Africa).

If you come back with all too common corporate refrain: “All of our suppliers are members of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil” that is not good, because this organization — run by palm oil companies has LITTLE CREDIBILITY and only used for greenwashing — to make companies look more environmentally sane than they really are.

Maybe you and your company can live with that but I can’t.

Naturally I will update this post as soon as I get a response.

UPDATED 5/22/2015:   Although I was hoping for an email from this company so I could  post it in its entirety and verbatim, I instead got a call from a representative of the place that manufactures this product.  So here is the personal phone call paraphrased and summarized:

First, he was extremely polite and courteous, even as I launched into my anti-palm oil spiel.

Second, the gentleman assured me that NO palm oil is used.  He said I could quote him on that.

Third, on the diamond front, the gentleman assured that the diamond powder (!) they used is bought in powder form already and that they get it from a reputable provider who does NOT buy from the conflict diamond nations or De Beers.  He said I could quote him on that too but that he would call back when he gets more information.

So all in all some good news.  Now go ahead and try to feel good about spending some one thousand dollars on vanity cream!

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