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UPDATED: 5/22/2015: Forever Flawless – Instant Face Lift — Conflict Palm Oil AND Conflict Diamonds?!

UPDATE BELOW! I ran across a kiosk for this product in my local mall for Forever Flawless.  According to its pitch, it’s a “diamond infused, anti-aging, beauty kit.”    It’s extremely expensive, so unless people think nothing of forking over $1000 for this … Continue reading

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Beast Burger: Just When You Think You’re Doing Good By Going Vegetarian You’re Contributing to Deforestation!

Because of the environmental footprint and animal cruelty that goes hand-in-hand with industrial-scale meat farming, I have severely cut back on my meat intake over the past several months.  I only partake maybe once or twice a month now on special … Continue reading

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A Great Palm Oil Chart

Here’s a very handy chart to let you know what is and what isn’t sustainable palm oil. Do not be fooled by companies that buy Green Certificates. Because it basically is just a license to use unsustainable palm oil by … Continue reading

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LifeCell: It’s Pretty Bad When a Company Can’t Tell You From Where they Source Their Palm Oil

I saw this advertisement on the intertubes.  It piqued my interest but I was concerned about its palm oil code words on the label.  So I wrote my usual death, deforestation and destruction, anti-palm oil email to query them.  In fact … Continue reading

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Ivory on Craigslist!? – Take Matters Into Your Own Hands and Flag as “Prohibited.”

Seized ivory that was crushed. Photo by: IFAW I just read a shocking article on, a top flight environmental website run by activist Rhett Butler.   This article was written by writer Jeremy Hance. The article was about how Craigslist … Continue reading

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