Boycott Banana Boat – Palm Oil and Won’t Reveal Their Source

Banana boat

It’s going to be a long, hot, dry summer here in California.

Not only are we in the worst drought on record (global warming?  La Nina?) but it’s already nearly 90 degrees in normally mild (slightly inland) San Diego and it’s only late April.  Except for the depressing shroud of May Grey and June Gloom that envelops coastal California in late spring and early summer, and adds to everybody’s Seasonal Affect Disorder (Tourists:  do not visit San Diego until July or August to avoid soul-crushing (!) cloudy days when you may be expecting sparkling sunny San Diego summers (a myth!)), I expect nothing but arid, roasting conditions from late June until the rains supposedly hit in October.  (Fact:  San Diego’s chamber of commerce days are in winter when it CAN be 80 in December – February.)

To that end, I stocked up on some sunscreen (two bouts with mild skin cancer – squamous cell carcinoma — on my arms in the last five years, a penalty for decades of tanning and sun worship) from Banana Boat.  I’m not perfect on checking labels and jumped at the sale price before looking.  Then I got home and read the labels — days later:  palm oil and its many code words were prevalent.  So I wrote them my usual email inquiring about their palm oil sourcing.

Here is their response.

Thank you for your inquiry today concerning our Banana Boat Lotions and our use of palm oil.

Your input is so important to us and your satisfaction with the product helps us to continue to bring you products that meet your needs and fit your lifestyle.

We are not able to provide you with specific information about where we source our ingredients.  (Emphasis mine.)However, Energizer Personal Care is committed to making everyday lives better for today and tomorrow. Our product portfolio of infant care, feminine care, shaving and sun protection products is designed with consumer health and safety in mind, as well as the environment. Not only can people feel good using our products, they can feel good about using our products.

Visit our website for information on our sustainability efforts:

We appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention and have forwarded your comments to our Marketing and Research Teams.

It was great to receive your email.

Consumer Affairs
Energizer Personal Care

Well, this pissed me off to no end.  So I responded:

Wow!  That is unnerving considering how the demand for palm oil is destroying rainforest and killing critically endangered species.

Your non-answer speaks volumes and I cannot wait to post your response on my palm Oil blog.

You leave me with no choice but to urge a boycott of your company until we know whether you use stainable products.

Sickening in this day and age.

Unfortunately my email was returned as “no reply allowed.”  So now I have to send them another email through their “Contact Us” feature.  Stay tuned.

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