This is How China and Asia Will Fuck The World for Rhino Horn and Ivory


This is how China (and other Asian countries) F the world over in their zeal for rhino horn and ivory for their ancient “mystical” concoctions, remedies and ostentatious displays of wealth. What can the U.S. say — we owe them BILLIONS!

“When [Chinese Premier] Xi traveled to Tanzania last year, members of his delegation bought thousands of pounds of illegal, poached ivory from slaughtered elephants, according to a report this month by the Environmental Investigation Agency. These purchases were so huge that the price of ivory doubled on the black market, the group said. This stockpile of illegal ivory was then smuggled to Beijing by diplomatic pouch on the president’s official plane, the agency said.

I am speechless.  How can we stop the carnage when the smuggling occurs as such rarefied high levels?!

Read more here:

But unfortunately, that’s only the tip of the iceberg in ivory poaching and smuggling:

For the first time, EIA revealed in great detail how these Chinese-led smuggling networks operate across borders from Africa to China. The clandestine business in Tanzania is controlled by Chinese businessmen based in southern China, and mediated by their families and friends in Tanzania, particularly Zanzibar. The trade would be impossible without the collusion of local Tanzanians – in fact, they either front the business as poachers, ivory traders and logistics agents, or back the criminality by abuse of official status.

Every Chinese person in these African countries should be suspect.  Give no quarter.  With no nettlesome U.S. Constitution presuming innocence until proven guilty, Chinese businessmen in Tanzania and Zanzibar should be round-up and deported (0r worse).

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