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International Orangutan Day! Love Them. Protect them!

Although those of us who love orangutans consider every day to be orangutan day. A few of my favorite shots. The first one is mine. The second one I wish was mine! How cute is this little guy? Let’s pressure … Continue reading

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14 Pgymy Elephants Poisoned in Malaysia! Let’s Remember THAT on World Elephant Day

  THIS IS ABOUT THE SADDEST PHOTO I’VE EVER SEEN (AGAIN) OK, I’m not sure about this “news.”  But it IS World Elephant Day. The below doesn’t say WHEN these 14 elephants were poisoned or whether it was recent.  Over a … Continue reading

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Eat Clif Bars Guilt Free!? Maybe So!

  My company was looking for snacks for employees that were environmentally ethical (based on my constant prodding and pressure.  Yes they’re sick of me!).  I saw the palm oil used in some of our previous snacks and put up my … Continue reading

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Smart Balance Products Not a SMART CHOICE for Palm Oil – CALL FOR BOYCOTT!

Noticed this product in my company’s employee common kitchen.  Looked at the ingredients.  Of course it contains palm oil.  Off went my usual palm oil email to the company, demanding to know from where they source it. I didn’t get … Continue reading

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