Why I Continue to Hate the Human Race



These  brutal and graphic photos (sorry) need no explanation.  The most iconic of African elephants, Satao — with tusks so long that even this beautiful, sentient being knew his life was in danger because of his ivory (he’d hide his face in bushes around humans) — was killed with poison darts and then had his face sheared off with a fucking CHAINSAW!

I fucking blame the Asians who buy the ivory. I hate the middlemen killers, who MAY be poor and looking for a way to support their family (doubt it), and I hate the radical militiamen, some of whom may use the money to fund their rebel activities elsewhere (and god knows what else).  And I hate Kenya and the other South African countries for not doing more to save these creatures.

Give me a gun, a place to stay and I’ll be the lone, white ranger — out to kill any and all poachers — no questions asked.

I want to cry but I have no more tears left — this environmental eradication is so everyday now that I feel helpless and hopeless.  Fuck ’em all — and kill anybody that has anything to do with this disgusting, soul-sucking trade.

Link to the story.  And give to the Tsavo Trust.    http://tsavotrust.org/




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9 Responses to Why I Continue to Hate the Human Race

  1. hocuspocus13 says:



  2. You must love that Texas Cheerleader bitch that nabbed herself a few “Trophies”, eh? I believe a Rhino or was it an elephant that was part of her “collection”. The bitch!

  3. Kev says:


  4. dou dou says:

    What the hell is wrong with people?!

  5. Awful and sick…the people who do this need to be treated equally…makes me so very mad at humanity…God made these incredible animals before He made us…I am crying with you.

  6. kholli says:

    This is disgusting! Humans are scum. You forgot to blame Americans. They play a big role in this in their failure to address this issue in international relations, their apathy about environmental destruction and animal cruelty, and their self-serving economic and political intervention in Africa and other parts of the world.

  7. Scott says:

    Hunting animals for food is one thing,but killing a majestic animal in such a brutal, grotesque manner is inexcusable! I’d be more than willing to join you in your crusade to kill every fucking poacher that dares to harm innocent animals just for the sake of some rich asshole’s vanity!

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