Huffington Post Picks Up Orangutan Story On Orangutan Mothers by Rich Zimmerman!

I do volunteer pro bono legal work for Orangutan Outreach and its Executive Director Richard Zimmerman. In fact, I went down to Indonesia with Rich, his fun wife Robin, a Board member and the European Director of OO.

Indeed, I copyrighted this photo for the organization:


(Copyright 2014 Orangutan Outreach.  All rights reserved.  May not be used without express written permission.)

Great News: HuffPo picked up his Mother’s day-themed piece on orangutan mothers. It’s informative, fun, and details the perils of palm oil.  I hope millions of people read it and learn about the evil nature of palm oil.



AND DONATE to redapes.orgAdopt an orangutan now!

Or buy a T-shirt!  I love them!



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