UPDATED – 4/8/2014 – SUCCESS!!? But Not Until 2020!!? Like Something Out of a Movie — Dead Bodies (of Orangutans) Found in Shallow Graves Outside P&G Plantations

Brubaker movie poster.jpg

Anybody remember the 1980 movie BRUBAKER?  (OK, I was a movie-crazy kid, saw everything and imagined myself a great Hollywood director someday.). It starred a preternaturally handsome Robert Redford as a liberal prison warden who goes undercover as a prisoner to fight against the evil correctional system.  After he reveals himself, he begins efforts to reform the prison system and, during his investigations, discovers the dead bodies of numerous prisoners in secret shallow graves buried on the prison’s own grounds.

Well, it was only a movie.  But its whole-dead-bodies-found-in-shallow-graves trope is now a reality in the Procter and Gamble palm oil controversy.  From a Greenpeace article:

The study found that P&G purchases palm oil from three particularly problematic producers and traders, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (a Malaysian company), BW Plantations and Musim Mas (both Indonesian companies). According to the investigation, land concessions owned by these companies have experienced substantial deforestation, as well as deliberately lit forest fires, destruction of peat deposits that offer a potent source of carbon, and depletion of orangutan and tiger habitat.

Then it drops this shocking BRUBAKER-like bombshell:

Over the past year, orangutan bodies have even been found buried in shallow graves around BW Plantations concessions. Local villagers told researchers the animals were “murdered,” though the case is still under investigation by the authorities.


In other words, the atrocious palm oil producers that P&G uses are killing orangutans as pests and burying their bodies to hide the evidence of their murderous ways.

How bad is it in Indonesia and Malaysia?  The deforestation is sickening!

Borneo Deforestation

Is there anymore reasons necessary not to write or call P&G now to complain?!  BOYCOTT them and let them know why now.

UPDATE – 4/8/2014:  Well looks like the market powers of capitalism worked.  Read this from Greenpeace:

After nearly 400,000 of us around the world emailed P&G’s boss and thousands more campaigned in supermarkets, on the streets and on social media – they listened at last.

This morning, as I was still sipping my coffee, P&G published a jaw-dropping update on their website: “P&G’s new goals call for ensuring no deforestation in its entire palm supply chain.”

This is huge news for the future of the rainforests. When a company as big as P&G makes a change like this it sends a clear signal to the rest of the industry that destroying the rainforests is bad for business.

Lots of us are sharing the amazing news on Facebook right now. The more people who hear about it, the harder it will be for P&G to even think about going back on their promise.

We Did It


The problem is that P&G says it will eliminate all deforestation free palm oil — get this — not until 2020!!!  There’ll be nothing left by then at the rate this banana republic is going.

As far as I’m concerned, P&G deserves no pat on the back from me.  Just a sarcastic, “Really?”)

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