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3/28/2014 UPDATE: Unilever – Oh Yeah, They Lie!

May 2012:  After reporting that Unilever was ahead of its own schedule to source 100% of its palm oil from sustainable sources by the end of 2012, I received this today: Dear friends of the rainforest,   one thousand people on … Continue reading

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UPDATED 3/24/2014: General Mills: Getting Better On Their Palm Oil Policies??

I know, I know.  When it comes to trusting evil corporations, who are only beholden to their shareholders, to do the right thing, I’m as cynical and doubtful as the next guy.  Well, I wanted to use a General Mills … Continue reading

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Sumatra NGOs Beg for EU Mediation on Illegal Aceh Province Deforestation Plan

Photo Caption: Illegal forest destruction to make way for palm oil expansion inside the Leuser Ecosystem, Aceh: The Leuser Ecosystem is the last place on earth where tigers, rhinos, elephants and orang-utans all found living together in the wild and … Continue reading

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Palm Oil Scorecard: Check This Out

How’s this information to help you avoid unsustainable palm oil in your purchasing decisions?”: Key: DF = deforestation-free; PF = peat-free; Tc = traceability; Tp = transparency; EA = early action. = Full commitment = Some commitment = Little commitment … Continue reading

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UPDATED – 3/05/14: P&G is Using Conflict Palm Oil After All – Sign the Petition/Watch the Film

10/7/2013:  My hair stylist told me I might think about using some Nioxin hair products (I swim a lot and the chlorine really takes a toll on my hair and scalp).  So, being the vain guy I am (not really), … Continue reading

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