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Seven Nearly Extinct Sumatran Elephants Killed By Palm Oil Greed

Still think checking those product labels for palm oil is too much of a hassle!? These are nearly extinct Sumatran elephants we’re talking here. And the palm oil plantations don’t give a shit. The sheer evil of palm oil … Continue reading

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Guess You Can’t Grow Oil Palm Underwater

Indonesia, showing no sense of irony (or shame) just made it law that the country will now be a sanctuary for the manta ray. Why? Because they’re worth more alive than dead due to ecotourism, most prominently scuba diving. Not … Continue reading

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Cranky Old Mormon Politician Loves Him Some CO2

Jerry Anderson is a cranky old white guy Republican from Utah (is there any other kind?)  That about tells you all you need to know on where he stands on the global warming issue.  But now he wants to pass … Continue reading

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UPDATE – 2/14/2014: Kellogg’s Agrees to Stop Buying Deforestation Palm Oil.

6/18/2013:  Another day, another finding of palm oil in common everyday products around the home (and office, as in this case).  Concerned, I fired off yet another anti-palm oil email, this time to Sunshine Biscuit Co., which is owned by mega food … Continue reading

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UPDATE: 2/14/2014: Kellogg’s – Working Toward Using Only Sustainable Palm Oil?

3/5/2013:  Although I’m a fan of Quaker’s Oatmeal Squares cereal, I use my purchasing power to buy a Kellogg’s cereal instead because Quaker’s response to my palm oil query was woefully inadequate. (see below link). Unfortunately, Kellogg’s uses palm oil … Continue reading

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Grendon The Great Says Watch Out for Palm Oil This Valentine’s Day

Here’s a photo I took while at the Borneo Orangutan Sanctuary, which just released some twenty orangutans back into the wild after being rehabbed.  His name is Grendon.   Let this be a reminder to watch out for palm oil … Continue reading

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A Bucket List Moment: I Saw Wild Orangs!

So, while I was in Indonesia, I was able to mark something off my bucket list: seeing critically endangered live orangutans in the wild with my own eyes. This mother and baby were seen in the Sabangau Forest in Central … Continue reading

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