Manmade Global Warming Choices Explained: The Only Responsible Choice is Easy

Watch this video.  An extremely brilliant, likeable, reasonable, seemingly everyday guy, — using only a whiteboard and 3 columns and 3 rows (I’ll do the math for you — 9 boxes) —  boils down the choices to be made when faced with the alleged “uncertainty” of global warming (I refuse to use the Republican coined term, “climate change”).  Remember 97% of climate scientists say it’s real.

In sum:  When faced with this “uncertainty,” the only responsible thing to conclude is that the risk of doing NOTHING far outweighs the risk of acting on even an alleged “uncertainty.”

Short, plain, sweet and simple.

Or as one commentator on Facebook put it (thanks, Kurt Blunt):

“If I’m right we are saved from planetary death.  If I’m wrong, we get cleaner air, drinkable water, and an all around better place for us and our future families to live and prosper.  Not so hard to understand if your head isn’t shoved so far up your ass you are unable to reason at all.”

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