Keystone Pipeline — Just Exporting More Bad News

stop keystone pipeline protest with president ...

stop keystone pipeline protest with president obama and credo (Photo credit: shanestar)

I’ve blogged incessantly on the ridiculousness and absurdity of building the Keystone XL Pipeline.  It’s good for NOBODY but TransCanada, its shareholders, and the Asians who will get the oil.  The rest of us will be left holding the environmental damage (including heavily exacerbated global warming).

Well, here’s more bad Keystone Pipeline news that I found today:

It can be found here:

Some of this article is familiar already to any greenies.  But for those who aren’t it’s informative and deftly summarizes all the bullshit and lies spewing forth from the corporatists, fossil-fuel fatcats and Republicans and rebuts them with facts, science and figures, something that those on the Right find antithetical.  But here’s the article in sum:

With the recent release of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report concluding that the climate is still changing and humans are almost definitely culpable, debate over the construction of the Keystone Pipeline has returned to the limelight.

In addition to the IPCC report, anti-pipeline activists have leverage with the release of reports by the Center for Biological Diversity and Cornell University finding that building the pipeline could likely have negative consequences not only for the environment, but the economy.  (Emphasis mine.)

So it’s bad for the environment AND the economy.  And still PEW polls show some 60+ percent of misguided, easily-swayed or uninformed Americans still favor it for no clear legitimate reason.  Clearly they only hear the lies of “jobs, jobs, jobs, and it’ll reduce foreign oil dependency.”  None of which will occur to any great extent.

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