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UPDATED – 10/23/2013: Just in Time for Halloween, iPhone Apps For Avoiding Palm Oil While Shopping GOES MAINSTREAM

I just got turned on to two iPhone Apps that should help us avoid buying, and supporting, products that contain palm oil. One can be found here:” It seems to be very helpful — if the information can be … Continue reading

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The Power (To Stop Palm Oil and Save Orangutans) is In Your Palm

I just watched this video, surprisingly (and happily) linked from Huffington Post.  Sure, it’s a little manipulative and sappy, but we love ourselves some orangutans, so anything to save them is OK with me. Here’s the photo I added … Continue reading

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UPDATED 10/11/2013: Tasty Kake FINALLY Responds

May 28, 2013:  I was in a sandwich shop (Jersey Mike’s) here in CA.  Because it pretends to be a “real” East Coast sub shop they offer historically East Coast snacks, like TastyKakes, a brand I wasn’t familiar with growing … Continue reading

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Keystone Pipeline — Just Exporting More Bad News

I’ve blogged incessantly on the ridiculousness and absurdity of building the Keystone XL Pipeline.  It’s good for NOBODY but TransCanada, its shareholders, and the Asians who will get the oil.  The rest of us will be left holding the environmental damage … Continue reading

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UPDATE 12/2/2013_ Tiger’s Milk Bars — Yep, They Contain Palm Oil — AND THEY DON’T KNOW ITS SOURCE

With a touch of (somewhat unhappy) nostalgia, I reached for a Tiger’s Milk bar in my company kitchen’s pantry.  In doing so, I had to relive the excruciating experience of trudging door-to-door as a high school student trying to sell these power bars … Continue reading

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91 Elephants Poisoned at Watering Hole by Poachers in Zimbabwe

I’m at a loss for words because none can adequately describe our sorrow and anger over this.  I have no words. Kill the poachers. Imprison (or worse) the users of ivory. There is no other deterrent. (I choose to use … Continue reading

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