Borneo: Emergency Call for National Park

palm oil plantation (Photo credit: angela7dreams)

Palm Plantation

(This used to be rainforest.)

Received this urgent action call this morning from Rainforest Rescue.  Those f-ing greedy palm oil companies won’t stop in their Sherman’s March of destruction to the sea.

The palm oil company Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA) is logging large areas of rainforest in the Tanjung Puting National Park and the adjacent buffer zone in order to convert it into palm oil monocultures.

Tanjung Puting National Park in Borneo covers an area of 400,000 hectares and is home to unique tropical forest ecosystems. The coastline and the estuaries are covered by dense mangrove forests. Swamp and peat forests still dominate the landscape.

The forests are the habitat of the highly endangered proboscis monkeys. The tree-dwelling animals can only be found in Borneo and always live close to the water. Additionally, 6,000 orang-utans as well as about 250 bird species and over 600 tree species can be found in the protected area.

The palm oil company BGA’s clear cut of these forests and the resulting destruction of the habitat of endangered species are illegal and violate numerous laws. In 2010, the Indonesian President Yudhoyono imposed a moratorium on the deforestation of rain and peat forests in the country and extended same this May for another two years.

Furthermore, the company does not have any environmental impact assessments for the plantations and is said to have obtained the permits by the local authorities only by means of bribery. Some inhabitants of the village, Sekonyer are protesting against the creation of this plantation as it will change their simple lives forever.

According to the BGA’s own admission, the company is pursuing an “aggressive strategy to expand” and plans to establish around 13,000 hectares of palm oil plantations every year

SIGN THE PETITION, which can be found here:

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2 Responses to Borneo: Emergency Call for National Park

  1. Nancy says:

    Signed the petition.

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