Another Redneck Raises My Ire

As I post some of my Costa Rica photos (Yes, there really is a country that cares about the environment), let’s take this little break.

So, I’m stopped at a red light on the way home from work the other night (daydreaming of Costa Rica), when this black pick-up blows past all of us, through the redlight, leaving us chumps (yes, the ones who were obeying the law) in the dust. When I caught up to him later I had to take this photo — look at his redneck stickers.

Redneck 6

If you can’t read the stickers just click on the photo for it to expand. But it says, “THE PAST CONFIRMS: GUN CONTROL WORKS!” Then shows the commonly familiar iconography of Nazi Germany (a swastika), the communist USSR (a hammer and sickle), and “communist” (?)China.


And, oh yeah, he was drinking something out of a can too. (I personally can’t say if it was a beer or not, but it was about 6 pm — and that’s redneck hour for Beer O’clock.

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5 Responses to Another Redneck Raises My Ire

  1. What a piece of shit! Birth control also works, pity his parents didn’t use it!

  2. Nancy says:

    I wish to God they would move there ,since they think it’s so wonderful to live that way!!!

    • Nancy, far be it from me to do anything to clarify this redneck’s idiotic and misguided statements, but I think this guy’s saying that, because of our allegedly onerous anti-gun laws, the US is turning into Nazi Germany, the USSR and/or China. Of course he’s wrong (also a cretin, and a troglodyte), but I believe that’s the intent of his sticker. But you know that already! 🙂

  3. e says:

    Wow, I just pulled up behind the same truck and came across this site when trying to Google the meaning of the sticker. Small world. Whether the meaning is positive or negative, displaying a huge swastika like that is really disappointing to see.

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