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Costco’s Darrell Lea’s Australian Liquorice Bites — Yes, They Contain Palm Oil

  So I noticed a tub of licorice (or liquorice) bites in my work’s common kitchen.  I believe it was bought at Costco, and the name brand was Darrell Lea.  I turned the tub over and read the ingredients.  Sure enough, there … Continue reading

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The Only Cretins Who Deny Global Warming Are Old, (Rich), White Men Who Won’t Be Around in 2050

By 2050, if the 97% of climate scientists who support the reality of anthropogenic global warming — and have the data to prove it — are to be believed, the planet will be suffering from the consequences of global warming, … Continue reading

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Five More Sumatran Elephants Murdered in Sumatra Since June

I just heard about a new documentary about Indonesia in the politically-turbulent 1960s. It’s called, “The Act of Killing.” And it’s about how — after the overthrow of President Sukarno by Suharto in the mid-1960s — Suharto loyalists were sent … Continue reading

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EPA Heads Under (More Sensible) Republicans Demand Global Warming Action

I haven’t posted lately. Mostly because I’ve gotten fairly pessimistic about the fate of the planet. I know that sounds melodramatic, but I’m being truthful. Well, something woke me out of my pessimism, borne out of Republican party hatred for … Continue reading

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