Hassan Idriss (or Idriss Hassan) – Ringleader of Elephant-Slaughtering Poaching Ring Captured


It was only last March when my despair over the slaughter of 89 elephants in Chad turned to nearly blind rage. 89! In one single night! I was pissed at everybody and everything, but mostly for being a reluctant member of the awful human race. And I felt helpless that I couldn’t do a thing to stop this African genocide from my suburban, safe, clean, way-more-than-I deserve home in suburban, safe, clean, southern California. I couldn’t sleep that night due to my mind’s endless loop of horrific Grand Guignol images of pregnant mothers and baby elephants having their faces hacked off (sorry) for their tusks (see above photo). I even daydreamed of becoming the Lone White Park Ranger in Chad, out to protect the remaining elephants from the evil, scheming, killing human race and avenging the murder of their family members. I went back to my humdrum job the next day, feeling even more impotent, resolved that all I could do from my humble status is to help educate on the subject, donate to the cause (http://www.ifaw.org/united-states), and hope that Asia stops its new-money, yuppie-fied, ivory-demanding ways.

Well, thankfully, all that sadness, rage, desire for revenge (all a useless waste of energy, really) — and hope — pays off. Idriss Hassan (or vice versa, I’ve seen it reported both ways), also known as Gargaf, the ringleader of this heartless, soulless poaching gang, has been caught and paraded before the media. (Yet, I still can’t find a photo of this specimen.)

Officials say that Idriss ran a crew of around 50 poachers. In total, Chad’s Environment Minister, Mahamat Issa Halikimi, says that Idriss has been behind the slaughter of nearly 200 elephants since August 2012, including an incident where five wildlife rangers were killed.

Read more at http://news.mongabay.com/2013/0627-hance-idriss-caught.html#Sig8bmrRw8lmuQ4B.99

So let’s not forget that five human rangers were killed during an October 2012 raid in Cameroon too. That makes him guilty of the murder of humans too, should such crimes bring the hammer of justice down on him more swiftly and harshly (as if the mere butchering of nearly the entire central African elephant population isn’t enough). And he merits no presumption of innocence from me — he was captured while transporting 124 elephant tusks in his possession.  Like possessing child porn, that’s a strict liability crime in my book.

“Idriss Hassan has operated since 2011 in the Salamat and Guera regions and near the borders between Chad, Cameroon and Central African Republic.”

Chad should hold a big show trial, find him guilty and then publicly execute him for crimes against his country, his people and its wildlife.

The capture of Hassan Idriss is a major step forward in the fight against the gangs of poachers that roam around central Africa. As the countries start to come together and develop regional plans and actions against poachers hopefully Idriss will be just the first of the poachers to be bought to justice.

Let’s hope so. The elephants deserve better.

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4 Responses to Hassan Idriss (or Idriss Hassan) – Ringleader of Elephant-Slaughtering Poaching Ring Captured

  1. Gator Woman says:

    Thank you, Bless you, for your passion and your conviction.
    We think exactly the same.
    I am so happy to know you~

  2. Denderah says:

    I have also had the rage that terrible insane rage I can do nothing with. I’d read a story like the poachers or watch an undercover video and I would feel such hate for the human race that I started worrying I was going to be found dead in my home from a heart attack or something. I had to get a grip on my emotions. Hard to do. But the helpless feeling of anger is all consuming at times. And you are right that it is a waste of energy. But emotions are not easily subdued. I have dreamed of having a laser beam that I direct toward all the abusers. They would be dissolved. I would go out day and night and pick them off with my friendly laser beam hand gun. I would be very busy indeed.

  3. Cheryl Wilke says:

    Dear GettingOnMySoapbox,
    I noticed your blog above “Hassan Idriss …” is nearly one year old. I just finished reading now (one year later) “The Hunt For Africa’s Most Notorious Elephant Poacher,” on page 42 of the July/August 2014 issue of Smithsonian Magazine. Set aside your blind rage, GOMSB, but don’t give up your passion for these incredible animals. They need us now more than ever and there are constructive things we can do from the other side of the world to help fight the battle against poachers and purchasers of ivory. Direct donations to African Parks is one example of many: http://www.african-parks.org/Donating+in+the+USA.html. World Wildlife Fund is another organization working to save African elephants. Sign a petition asking President Obama to beef up U.S. support in these African parks and sanctuaries. There are many petitions. Change.org being one of them http://www.african-parks.org/Donating+in+the+USA.html Shutdown your purchases “Made in China.” Whatever you do … please don’t sit idle and point fingers at someone else to do something. We are it. One by one, we must make our voices heard to the world and to the ears of Africa (and Asia) in particular. These park officials and rangers are risking life, limb and that of their families to save the world’s wild elephants. Our taking action from the sanctuary of our homes is the very, very, least we can do. Just do it! Speaking of … Nike where is your voice and funding in all of this???

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