When EV Drivers Go Bad

I’d like to think we EV drivers are of a certain ilk — smart, thoughtful, conscientious, sensitive to others, willing to try new things. I mean, we ARE driving more environmentally-friendly cars than 99% of the populace because most of us care about the world and future generations, despite our potential “range anxiety.”

But every once in a while you come across an asshole. Check this out.


That’s MY car on the right. The other guy (I’m assuming because men suck) on the left couldn’t reach an EV charging station in the parking spot to my right. So he stretched it across my car and had to park so close that I couldn’t even open my own door (to move it after my charge was complete). I actually had to enter my car from the other side and crawl over the console while managing the tight confines of a Leaf to get into the driver’s seat. (Then, of course, I forgot something, had to climb back out, repeating the indignities of the whole demeaning process all over again.)

I know EV drivers do mildly selfish things, we are (reluctant) members of the greedy human race, after all. Sometimes EVers leave their car parked in an EV charging stall hours after the car’s fully charged, breaking that unspoken “do-gooder” pact to move it as soon as possible so others can charge up too. I’ve even heard of worse things, like, say, leaving a car plugged into an EV charger at the airport while taking days-long trips out-of-town, depriving EV drivers of much-needed chargers for no good reason for days-on-end.

But this was the first time in two years that I’ve actually experienced such douchebaggery on such a major level up-close.

Yes, I left a strongly-worded note and the above-photo under his windshield wiper. We’ll see if there’s any retaliation.

BTW, look at the one, lone, bogus “Clean Air Vehicle” sticker this douchebag either bought off the street (or stole) — which gets you access to car pool lanes even if driving single — improperly placed next to the license plate. This tells you he’s also full of shit and a liar. If you legitimately apply for these as an EV driver through the state of California, you get three (3) of them, with instructions on how to properly place them on directed areas around the car, like on mine (on each side; NOT next to the license plate; and not just one). Hope a cop busts him.

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