To Jack Payne, a Home For Wild Horses is a Slaughterhouse In Mexico

Damonte Mustangs

Man, there’s just bad environmental news everywhere today. Whether it’s the fires burning in Sumatra from deforestation for palm oil plantations (the bane of my existence), fresh reports of a covered-up toxic waste water/oil company pipeline spill in Zama City, Northern Alberta (you know, the one where the pipeline is only five years old, which comes the same day that TransCanada refuses to use the latest spill-spotting technology for it’s Keystone pipeline), the increased elephant poaching in Africa, or the story of a baby elephant being held hostage by Indonesian villagers, I feel so helpless and wish I could just quit my shallow lawyer job working for The Man and go work full-time for the environment.

BTW, here’s the link to the very bizarre baby elephant story:

And a link to a story on the covered-up Alberta spill (“the largest in Alberta history”), which is devestating wetlands.

But here’s another heartbreaking environmental story I read in yesterday’s L.A. Times.

In a nutshell:

Each year the BLM rounds up thousands of mustangs — pintos and bays, roans and grays — and trucks them off to be readied for adoption or sent to fenced-in Midwestern tracts, where ranchers are paid by the government to house the horses for the rest of their lives.

If that whole “fenced-in Midwestern tracts” thing didn’t sound like death itself to wild mustangs, some, though, are put up for auction through this dubious company of questionable intent that seems to have a little conflict of interest problem, Nevada Livestock Marketing, LLC. (Phone numbers: OFFICE: 775-423-7760: JACK PAYNE Cell: 775-217-9273 Alt: 775-225-8889)

Here’s their website:

Pro-horse activists charitably go to these auctions and try to purchase these captured wild horses for relatively cheap prices (like $300 each) to save them from their inevitable fate if not purchased: slaughter for horsemeat in foreign locales.

But this bitter, soulless, greedy excuse of a human, Jack Payne (Owner Manager), Jack Payne, Jack Payne, Jack Payne, apparently likes to bid up the prices — AT HIS OWN AUCTION HOUSE (which means he must get some sort of commission, right?)! — on these poor horses so that the charitable activists have to buy them for up to 10 times the fair market value — which is most probably illegal if not downright sadistic.

Here’s what this specimen — Jack Payne, Jack Payne, Jack Payne, Jack Payne (did I say that enough?) — said about his heartless bidding up of the prices — AT HIS OWN AUCTION HOUSE! (did I say that already?):

“If those horses weren’t worth it, those ladies shouldn’t have bid that high,” Payne said. “But if they don’t get ’em, I do. And I’ve got a home for ’em — a slaughterhouse in Mexico.”

What a piece of shit.

Here’s the link to the story, which is infuriating on so many levels:


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7 Responses to To Jack Payne, a Home For Wild Horses is a Slaughterhouse In Mexico

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  2. What soulless piece of shit. I hope this guy dies a painful slow death!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. alex says:

    Your a piece of shit!!

  4. alex says:

    And I mean you.. writing this article.. you have no fueling idea how poor these horses are.. they’re starving to death in the desert.. and you tree huggers can’t even support them on your own.. your begging for money.. there’s worse things then death and starving to death I’d one of them!! Get a little more professional about your writing and leave the *piece of shit out*

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