Palm Oil Kills Three More Elephants in Sumatra


If the tragic image of young elephant calf “Joe” tugging desperately at his poisoned mother’s carcass last January wasn’t heartbreaking enough, it’s happened again this week, illustrating the callous cruelty and barbarism of palm oil greed. Three more Sumatran elephants were found dead on the nearby Indonesian island of Sumatra — and evidence points directly to the same murderer: the palm oil industry. And the plantation workers who are ordered to treat these majestic animals as pests and destroy them. This latest carnage is on top of the fifteen elephants poisoned in 2012.

Rampant expansion of palm oil and paper plantations and the mining industry have destroyed nearly 70 percent of the elephant’s forest habitat over 25 years, according to the WWF, and the animals have been targeted by poachers.

We must stop this worldwide demand for unsustinable palm oil — as if there’s anything truly “sustainable” after the RSPO’s latest kowtowing to the palm oil industry.

Unilever, Starbucks, Cargill, Trader Joes — are all being targeted again despite fairly recent reports that all are supposedly in the midst of shifting to “certified sustainable” palm oil — whatever the hell that is. (And Trader Joe’s supposedly gets “most” of its palm oil from areas other than Southeast Asia, like South America, not that that doesn’t have its own deforestation problems.
(See the Herakles Farms story in Cameroon, where palm oil capitalists will “cut the heart out” of the rainforest there for a huge palm oil plantation. These palm oil goons just stopped development amid local protests.

Here’s the link to the latest elephant-poisoning story:

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