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Hassan Idriss (or Idriss Hassan) – Ringleader of Elephant-Slaughtering Poaching Ring Captured

It was only last March when my despair over the slaughter of 89 elephants in Chad turned to nearly blind rage. 89! In one single night! I was pissed at everybody and everything, but mostly for being a reluctant member … Continue reading

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By Obama’s Own Analysis — Keystone Should Be Rejected

President Obama held his much-anticipated (by some) speech today heralding his plan to utilize his executive powers and the EPA to navigate around the treacherous do-nothing, obstructionist shoals of Congress to fight global warming. Yes, I’m no Obama fan; he’s … Continue reading

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When EV Drivers Go Bad

I’d like to think we EV drivers are of a certain ilk — smart, thoughtful, conscientious, sensitive to others, willing to try new things. I mean, we ARE driving more environmentally-friendly cars than 99% of the populace because most of … Continue reading

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OK, Now TransCanada Is Just Throwing it in Our Face (Keystone)

We’re being bombarded with messages to “lower expectations” in regard to the Keystone XL Pipeline. Even on Rachel Maddow last night, a guest confirmed that indications are everywhere (even insiders) that Obama will approve Keystone — despite the fact that … Continue reading

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To Jack Payne, a Home For Wild Horses is a Slaughterhouse In Mexico

Man, there’s just bad environmental news everywhere today. Whether it’s the fires burning in Sumatra from deforestation for palm oil plantations (the bane of my existence), fresh reports of a covered-up toxic waste water/oil company pipeline spill in Zama City, … Continue reading

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UPDATE 7/11/2103: Worst Ever! Sumatra Burning — and Singapore and Malaysia Choking — Again – The Annual Ritual

Courtesy of NASA’s FIRMS Web Fire Mapper Read more at (Thanks to the top notch enviro-journalism site for this story.) It’s happening again. Dry season winds push smoke from the fires of deforestation in Sumatra to nearby countries, like … Continue reading

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UPDATED: 6/24/2013: (PAID ADVERTISEMENT) How is Palm Oil like the Battle of Thermopylae?

(I know, weird graphic here considering the subject matter, but there’s a payoff, believe me.) I just watched the first part of a rather dubious TV series running now on Fox Business Channel (Saturday at 2:30 Pacific) called, “Palm Oil: … Continue reading

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