Celebrity Environmentalists Spread The Word: Stop Destroying The Planet for Profit

Leonardo DiCaprio at the Body of Lies film pre...

Leonardo DiCaprio at the Body of Lies film premiere in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s nice to see movie stars using their celebrity to bring much-needed attention to environmental issues. Last week, Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio came out strong for the environment.

1.  Leonardo DiCaprio:  SAVE THE ORANGUTANS – Stop Rainforest Destruction in Aceh Province, Indonesia

I’m finally going to Sumatra in August to see first-hand what I’ve been writing about for nearly two years — the palm oil rape of Sumatran rainforest that is de-foresting rainforests, causing the death of critically endangered species like the orangutan, displacing local human inhabitants who depend on the rainforest for their lives and sustenance, and fiercely exacerbating global warming.

Leonardo DiCaprio cares about these causes too.  He’s constantly tweeting out reminders to his followers to sign petitions, be aware, and to generally wake up to the environmental destruction around the world.

With one simple tweet from his Twitter account he can gather a million signatures on a petition to the President of Indonesia, and the greedy, corrupt new governor of Aceh Province. Sending a strong message that this rape of the rainforest is good for nobody. Not the people of Indonesia. Not its endangered species. Not the rest of the world’s inhabitants. NOBODY gets anything out of these palm oil rapists lifework except for the palm oil companies, their corrupt politician buddies, and the greedy local police who look the other way way.

For instance, Leo tweeted this on Friday:

  1. ]Leonardo DiCaprio

    Help @Avaaz protect massive stretches of pristine rainforest in #Indonesia. Pls sign & RT: http://bit.ly/16KI6Xf #SaveAceh

As of tonight, they have nearly 1.3 MILLION signatures.

Please sign these petitions and help these eco-minded celebrities fight the good fight for the environment.

American actor and director Robert Redford. (C...

American actor and director Robert Redford. (Cropped from the original photograph) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2.   Robert Redford:  Save Bristol Bay, Alaska

Last week, Redford wrote a scathing, powerful op-ed piece that was published in the Los Angeles Times. Link here: http://articles.latimes.com/2013/may/24/opinion/la-oe-redford-bristol-bay-mining-20130524

Greedy copper and gold-mining interests are trying to spoil one of the last remaining untouched natural oases in the United States — all in the name of their own greed and profit. They plan to gouge the two mile-wide Pebble Mine (and open pit) out of pristine Alaskan wilderness that will destroy habitat, cause the death of wildlife, degrade the valuable local fishery, and kill local jobs (14 jobs lost for every 1 new job created!). Even the locals don’t want it. Redfored writes:

No wonder 80% of Bristol Bay residents don’t want it. Pebble Mine is opposed by a local coalition that has united commercial fishermen with Bristol Bay Native Corp., the largest private landowner in the region, and 10 native communities gathered under the umbrella group Nunamta Aulukestai, or “Caretakers of Our Lands” in the native Yup’ik language.

The EPA can still block this mine — but we only have until the end of May to submit our public comments.

Unfortunately, Redford didn’t provide a link to a number of petitions gathering signatures to send to the EPA, missing an opportunity to rack up thousands of easy signatures. So I will:

NRDC: https://secure.nrdconline.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3052&JServSessionIdr004=f4mz5ow727.app305a

And another: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/stop-the-pebble-mine-in-bristol-bay/


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