Avoid Products That Contain Unsustainable Palm Oil


There’s a stickering campaign going on at your local supermarkets this month, warning clueless shoppers of how their seemingly innocent purchasing decisions have dire, unintended consequences. Unsustainably produced palm oil is destroying rainforests and the species who inhabit them.


Look for these stickers — and for god’s sake BOYCOTT (UNSUSTAINABLE) PALM OIL — and notify those corporations who purchase it, especially after what the RSPO did last week (labeling as “sustainable” palm oil derived from rainforest destruction).




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6 Responses to Avoid Products That Contain Unsustainable Palm Oil

  1. I saw this today from another blogger I follow and it made me think of you. http://michaeleltonmcleod.com/2013/05/22/haunted/

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