Jim Inhofe, United States Senator photo portrait.

Jim Inhofe, United States Senator photo portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, these Deniers live among us — and even sit in the powerful U.S. Senate.

News came out last week that the world has, for the first time in millions of years, passed the 400 ppm mark for CO2 in the atmosphere. Instead of looking for ways to cut this pollution for future generations, instead, Deniers like Village Idiot James Inhofe and his spokesperson actually had the low IQ to say this:

Happy Plants

“The Earth has had many-times-higher levels of CO2 in the past,” said Marc Morano, former spokesman for Republican Senator James Inhofe and executive editor of Climate Depot, a blog that posts articles skeptical of climate change. “Americans should welcome the 400 parts-per-million threshold. This means that plants are going to be happy, and this means that global-warming fearmongers are going to be proven wrong.”

With low IQ, low information idiots running the Senate, why even fight it? Just sit back and let the world steep in its carbonized luxury.

Climate Denier Inhofe (who was a believer before he discovered the “cost” of fighting global warming) always incurs my wrath. Leave it to Oklahomans to elect him into office repeatedly (and Coburn). Here’s another post of mine on Born Again Christian (that’s his science) Village Idiot Inhofe:


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One Response to 400 PPM — “HAPPY PLANTS”!?

  1. These Ass Clowns need to be exterminated like fleas and ticks!

    I hope I am alive the day the world ends so I can say, “I told you effing deniers this was going to happen. I really hope there is a hell and you all burn in it!” Buh-bye!

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