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Exxon CEO: “What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers?”

I have not bought gas at an Exxon station since the disastrous Alaskan Valdez oil spill that devastated pristine wildlife habitat back in 1989, and the company — the most profitable corporation in Earth’s history — tried to avoid its … Continue reading

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50% of Sumatran Rainforest is Gone. 70% of What’s Left is Earmarked for Destruction

SUMATRA’S LAST STAND:  Please watch this chilling video from the UK Guardian on the soul-sucking Sumatran rainforest destruction. The most startling statistic:  50% of the Sumatran rainforest is gone already.   And 70% of  the remaining 50% is set to be razed, … Continue reading

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Celebrity Environmentalists Spread The Word: Stop Destroying The Planet for Profit

It’s nice to see movie stars using their celebrity to bring much-needed attention to environmental issues. Last week, Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio came out strong for the environment. 1.  Leonardo DiCaprio:  SAVE THE ORANGUTANS – Stop Rainforest Destruction in … Continue reading

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Avoid Products That Contain Unsustainable Palm Oil

There’s a stickering campaign going on at your local supermarkets this month, warning clueless shoppers of how their seemingly innocent purchasing decisions have dire, unintended consequences. Unsustainably produced palm oil is destroying rainforests and the species who inhabit them. reading

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Central African Republic: Where Poachers Are The Government

What we feared happened. News spread from the WWF last Monday that 17 heavily-armed poachers, calling themselves members of the new coup-installed Seleka ruling elite, entered a protected elephant preserve, called the “Valley of Elephants.”  Badly-armed and fearful (for good reason) game rangers knew … Continue reading

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Yes, these Deniers live among us — and even sit in the powerful U.S. Senate. News came out last week that the world has, for the first time in millions of years, passed the 400 ppm mark for CO2 in … Continue reading

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Why The Roundtable On Sustainable Palm Oil (And the WWF?) is Full of Shit

Boycott palm oil — even if companies claim to be members of the RSPO. Because RSPO certification doesn’t mean shit. Now we have proof. We have always been very skeptical of the RSPO. Not only has it done very little … Continue reading

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