UPDATE – 4/4/2013: The Shape of Things to Come? A Keystone XL Pipeline-Like Spill in Arkansas

Truck hauling 36-Inch Pipe to build Keystone-C...

Truck hauling 36-Inch Pipe to build Keystone-Cushing Pipeline (Phase II) south-east of Peabody, Kansas, USA. Location is Timber Rd and 20th St in Marion County. Looking south-west with rural Whitewater Center Church in background. Photo taken by Steve Meirowsky on July 10, 2010. Note: The rear wheels on this truck has independent steering. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For many greenies, the Keystone XL pipeline is the big standoff of the year.  If Obama and the State Department approve it, then it’s “game over” for climate change.  So many environmentalists have made this the Big Cause to literally get arrested-for.  Tens of thousands have pledged to engage in civil disobedience when the call comes (including me).

Well, if we needed any other proof that Keystone is just plain stupid (there is no other reason for approving this other than plain greedy stupidity), news comes out this past week of a pipeline spill that portends an ominous sign of the shape of Keystone things to come:  in Arkansas, an Exxon/Mobile pipeline (those Exxon Valdez bastards from 1989)  transporting Canadian heavy crude — FROM CANADA  — for god’s sake — has spilled thousands of barrels of oil into a housing subdivision, and befouling US soil and waterways.  We’re even seeing visual reports of wildlife being polluted by the escaped oil.  Could this be perfect timing to kill Keystone?  See the below links to the stories.

This is in addition to the rail/oil spill that occurred in Michigan last week too.

Who thinks this is a good idea other than TransCanada and their bought-off politicians?  Obama and the State Department have a perfect “out” now that proof is everywhere that the U.S. should not be left holding Canada’s environmental bag.

UPDATE – 4/4/2013:  Here’s a great op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times by James Hansen, the NASA scientist who’s been warning of global warming for some 40 years.


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