Sign the Petition to Stop Aceh Province Governor From Opening Rainforest to Logging



(Infographic property of endoftheicons.)

It’s about to happen. The recently-elected Governor of Aceh Province (Sumatra), Zaini Abdullah, said this as recently as December 2012:

“Greediness of humans destroys forests… so it destroys the balance of nature….”


Now he’s calling for just that — the wholesale selling out of 23% of rainforest to mining, logging and palm oil plantation development.

He MUST be corrupt. He must be getting handouts.

It’s all about money. This is good for nobody but the companies directly profiting from it, and their government conspirators. And we thought that onetime “Green Governor” Irwandi Yusuf was breaking bad.

In summary, this despicable specimen wants to bring rainforest cover from its current 68% down to 45%, “including the entire area known as Tripa, and other currently protected areas inside of the Leuser Ecosystem, a National Strategic Area for its Environmental Protection Function that is protected by National Spatial Planning Law 26/2007, and Government Regulation 26/2008.”

Sign this petition now — and spread it around.

All this bad news has me daydreaming of becoming the new rainforest-dwelling superhero of Indonesia: “The White Rainforest Warrior.”

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4 Responses to Sign the Petition to Stop Aceh Province Governor From Opening Rainforest to Logging

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  2. Stacey says:

    Signed, thanks.

  3. Hikertom says:

    We can all help by not buying any products that contain palm oil. Check ingredient labels.

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