28 Elephants Killed for Ivory in Cameroon

Forest elephants in the Mbeli River, Nouabalé-...

Forest elephants in the Mbeli River, Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park, Congo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It gets harder and harder for me to write such words, but news comes out today that 28 (more) elephants have been killed in Africa for the ivory.  This time in Cameroon.  And a year after poachers killed some 650 in a genocide in 2012  (see below story link to a HuffPo piece, “One Year Later”).

“The poachers used automatic weapons, such as AK-47s, reflecting the violent character of elephant poaching,” he said, adding that park wardens lacked good weapons.

Story here:


Some elephant conservation group should be actively soliciting donations to buy better firearms for the park wardens.  Hell, give them RPG launchers and bazookas.  Poachers should be killed on sight.

WHEN WILL THIS STOP?  When will the world act?

WHEN WILL ASIA (where the demand for ivory is) JOIN THE 21st Century?!

Read this horrifying exchange from the below article:

According to IFAW, many — if not most — of the elephants were alive when their tusks were hacked off?

Yes. Because some of the elephants had just one shot in the body. And also this was based on the position that they were in when they were found… some of them were on their knees — in a kneeling position. So they were still alive when the poachers cut their trunks. They suffocated. And also, they were alive when the poachers started to cut off their faces.

With a machete?

Yes. And they were also using some kind of dagger because we saw some lacerations where the vital organs were. We think they were often finishing off the animal with a knife or dagger. We also noticed that those kinds of lacerations were on some calves, which was surprising. We think, in fact, it was a kind of training — a way for a poacher to be trained on killing elephants. Or we also think it may have been a tactic: To torture the younger elephants to get the adults to come around. So they can kill them all.

Poachers should be tortured and maimed, like they do the elephants, before they’re made to live an imprisoned life without limbs, genitalia, etc.

Sorry, but this horrifies, disgusts and angers me to no end.  There goes my day, week and year.

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1 Response to 28 Elephants Killed for Ivory in Cameroon

  1. GiRRL_Earth says:

    You and I seem to share the same sentiment towards these stories. The other night I learned about Britches, who was rescued (thank God) be Animal Liberation Front. I watched the rescue video. I am not exaggerating when I say I had to run to the bathroom to throw up. Most nights, I lie away wondering what will happen when the earth is devoid of all non humans. People just don’t seem to get it. I blog about this egregious shit and no one comments ore cares. I blog about getting a haircut or a recipe and everyone fucking comments. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, most people prefer to recline back into their velvety rose colored world than face the fact that ANIMALS ARE DYING DUE TO GREED!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s so nice to see someone else who is as angry as I am (and upset).

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