Palm Oil Destroying Rainforest, Killing People in Central America Too

English: Honduras

English: Honduras (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sherman’s March of environmental destruction and death that is the palm oil scourge isn’t just isolated to Indonesia and Malaysia. The same problems with deforestation, death, displacement and exacerbation of global warming is occurring in South America and Africa (the much maligned (rightfully so) Herakles Farm project, see below link), and now in Central America.

Here’s this from Rainforest Action Network:

Dear friends of the rainforests,

for three years now, brutal murders have
shocked Honduras’ Bajo Aguan region. 88 small-scale farmers, labour activists and lawyers have been killed because they were trying to reclaim land from Grupo Dinant, a notorious palm oil company. Dinant had stolen the farmers’ land in
order to establish palm oil plantations.

Even though the region has long been occupied by police and military forces, further killings are being reported every month. Villages and buildings are being destroyed and burnt down by the state forces. The people living there are driven from their land by violent means.

The World Bank is financing Dinant with a loan of more than $15 million and is seemingly planning on transferring the same amount again to the palm oil company in the near future.

Sign their petition here:

Herakles Farms story:

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