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Three Poachers Killed in South Africa. Real Life “Rhino Wars”?

Not sure how many of you watched the “reality” (?) show “Rhino Wars” on Animal Planet recently.  It was a bit contrived and slick, but the heart was in the right place.  If we needed some good news on this rhino-poaching … Continue reading

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Redneck is Latest Example of the Stupid Cruelty of the Cranky Old White Crackpot

Let me say off the bat: I’m a reluctant meat-eater. Even though I know that meat production results in sometimes horrific conditions for the animals, environmental pollution, and the exacerbation of global warming, I haven’t been able to fully kick … Continue reading

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Another 86 Elephants Slaughtered in Chad for Asian Ivory Demand

(This photo is from last year. Photograph credit: Anonymous/AP)   I’m so infuriated…and hopeless in the wake of so much cruelty, greed and insane Asian ivory demand in goddamned 2013. Story here: On top of the 26 killed last … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Prepare For the Worst – Obama Poised to Approve Keystone XL Pipeline

By most accounts, we’re still weeks away (months?) from President Obama’s decision on the highly controversial Keystone XL pipeline. You know, the huge environmental boondoggle that will: 1. Create virtually NO longterm jobs for Americans; only 35 perm jobs is … Continue reading

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Sign the Petition to Stop Aceh Province Governor From Opening Rainforest to Logging

CHECK OUT THIS STARTLING INFOGRAPHIC! (Infographic property of endoftheicons.) It’s about to happen. The recently-elected Governor of Aceh Province (Sumatra), Zaini Abdullah, said this as recently as December 2012: “Greediness of humans destroys forests… so it destroys the balance of … Continue reading

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28 Elephants Killed for Ivory in Cameroon

It gets harder and harder for me to write such words, but news comes out today that 28 (more) elephants have been killed in Africa for the ivory.  This time in Cameroon.  And a year after poachers killed some 650 … Continue reading

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UPDATED 4/8/2013: What RSPO Certification Means — Or Doesn’t Mean — This Year

I wrote a blog piece about a year ago (April 2012) on what RSPO certification meant.  Unfortunately, I felt that needed a bit of updating as I’m getting alot of corporate responses lately that defer to their RSPO certification to prove their environmental … Continue reading

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