Elephants A Thing Of the Past In Gabon?!

Elephant safari

Elephant safari (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I’ll say it again:  I hate the human race.  I hate its greed.  I hate its inability to see that all things are interconnected.  I hate that it has the gall to consider itself the rulers of the planet (thanks religion).

Here’s just another frightening story that depicts all of the above in stark detail.  It’s about the decimation of the elephant population in Africa’s Gabon.  What was supposed to be a haven for the back-assward country’s elephant population has now become a killing field.  Some 11,000 elephants have been slaughtered and poached since 2004.

Again, it’s a combination of problems:  the lack of enforcement authority to crack down on highly-armed poachers (poachers sneak in from nearby Cameroon); insane, selfish Asian demand for ivory (for d-bag yuppie and religious use); and the impotence (or lack of desire) of the world to slow the ivory trade.

Here’s a link to the heartbreaking story.  Beware of the graphic photos, which I refuse to post here because I don’t want to alienate readers.  But suffice it to say they’re not for the faint of heart — or anybody who has the capacity to feel for these soulful, intelligent creatures who are too good for the human race.


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